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Susan Steele

Photo of Susan Steele

Susan Steele is a licensed Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland. She works as a Bridge Erection Engineer with High Structural Erectors, LLC. She began her path to this accomplishment when she earned her associates degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology at P.I.T. She says of her time here: ‘My experience at P.I.T. gave … Read more »

Hezouwe Ngani

Photo of Hezouwe Ngani

Hezouwe Ngani is the type of student who truly benefits from a small college experience. Originally from Togo where he was an elementary school teacher, Hezouwe’s first language is French. However, his interest in engineering led him to P.I.T. where he has excelled in all of his classes, including his composition classes. He is polite, … Read more »

Aquila Ray

Aquila Ray came to P.I.T. in November of 2014 thinking only of completing a certificate to be a Clinical Medical Assistant. Aquila faced some challenges but she overcame them with her support system that she had in place, including her wonderful mother. Aquila has high dreams and nothing will stop her from completing them. She … Read more »

Anjelica Cervantes

Photo of Anjelica Cervantes

Coming from a family filled with engineers and architects, Anjelica Cervantes excelled in math and Newtonian Physics. This led to her interest in pursuing engineering as her college major. This past May, Anjelica graduated from P.I.T with an impressive 4.0 GPA. Most engineers have a secret artistic life. Anjelica is no different; she is passionate … Read more »