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Jasmine Hernandez

Photo of Jasmine Hernandez

When I graduated from high school, I knew I wanted to major in mechanical engineering but got sidetracked at a four year school where they weren’t really paying attention to me. As a result, my program and my path got off track. I came to P.I.T. to get back on track without having to switch … Read more »

Kyle Wilson

Photo of Kyle WIlson

Kyle Wilson has earned his associate degree in Computer Science and the distinction of Outstanding Student in English and Humanities. Rachelle Chaykin, Program Manager for the department, remarks that depending upon who you talk with, Kyle Wilson is a computer science student who dabbles in writing or a writer who studies computer science! Kyle is … Read more »

Vick Mahant

Photo of Vick Mahant

Vick Mahant has earned his associate degree in Computer Science and has earned the distinction of the Outstanding Student Award in his field of study. He has overcome many difficulties on his road to academic success such as coming to a new country, having to learn a new way of life, and a new type … Read more »

Dominque Shannon

Photo of Dominique Shannon

A graduate of the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology Clinical Medical Assistant certificate program, Dominique was recently hired at Park Stone Medical Associates after successfully completing 180 hours of Externship. Dominique demonstrated her superb work ethic, willingness to learn, and dedication to succeed. Dominique plans on continuing her education to become a Registered Nurse. Congratulations and … Read more »

Angeline Mulbah

Photo of Angeline Mulbah

P.I.T.’s mission, as described by our Founder Walter Garrison, is “Student Success” and we hope that our students are able to share the knowledge they learned to other students. That is exactly what Angeline Mulbah, one of our Allied Health students, has been able to do and we are very proud of her. Angeline opted … Read more »

Christopher Sharek

Photo of Christopher Sharek

Christopher Sharek has earned an associate degree in Architectural and Civil Engineering and has been awarded the Outstanding Student Award for his hard work and excellent achievement in his field of study. A foundation is the supporting layer of a structure, and in architecture, it is vital to have a strong foundation. Chris’s primary influences … Read more »

Caitlyn Schlesinger

Photo of Caitlyn Schlesinger

Caitlyn came to P.I.T. to pursue her college degree while already working in the nursing and healthcare fields. She had attended college elsewhere, but wanted to attend a whole new school, and fully commit to a program. She selected P.I.T. for its size and personal feel. Caitlyn’s plan included graduating with an A.S. in Allied … Read more »

Dymond White

Photo of Dymond White

When you’re motivated, sometimes, nothing can slow you down: that was the case for soon-to-be graduate, Dymond White. Dymond graduated from South Philadelphia High School in June of 2015, less than one month later she was sitting in anatomy classes at P.I.T. As a single mother at 17, she knew it wouldn’t be easy. White … Read more »

Justin Shilling

Photo of Justin Shilling

Justin lives close to P.I.T. When he was ready for a new career, P.I.T. seemed like the obvious choice. Having worked in the medical field administratively, he decided to try something very up-and-coming: Electronic Health Records. Justin became a star student at P.I.T., engaging his teachers, counselors and college administrators in his education and getting … Read more »

Jacob Kamp

Photo of Jacob Kamp

Jacob Kamp is P.I.T.’s April 2016 Student of the Month and the Class of 2016 Valedictorian! Jacob’s biggest inspiration growing up was his father. From him, he learned the qualities of integrity and the importance of having dignity in work and during hardships, which he taught through example. Jacob’s parents led to his interest in … Read more »