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Cannabis Horticulture

As a burgeoning industry, cannabis provides an untapped well of potential careers. 

The Cannabis Horticulture associate degree program prepares graduates to start their own business, work for a dispensary or grow/extraction operation, or transfer credits to a university to earn a bachelor’s degree!

Through a careful examination of the botany, growing, harvesting, and extraction aspects of a cannabis agribusiness, students will be exposed to all levels of a grow operation.

Legal cannabis is currently the greatest job-creation machine in America. The Leafly Jobs Report found 428,059 full-time equivalent jobs supported by legal cannabis as of January 2022. Last year, the cannabis industry created an average of 280 new jobs per day.

Cannabis is now a 25 billion dollar business in the United States. That’s a 33% increase in jobs in a single year. Annual job growth is greater than 27% for five years in a row.

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