Student Testimonials

Alan Clinkscales
Practical Nursing
Graduated: December 2012

I started at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology at the Center Citysite in 2008, where I completed the SPP Program in Medical Assisting. I worked for some timeas a Medical Assistant doing phlebotomy for Philadelphia area hospitals.

Ireturned to P.I.T. and completed the Practical Nursing Programat the Media Campus. I was hired right out of school by one of the clinical sites. I absolutely love this school! The teachers are amazing. I love the small class sizes. The teachers and instructors are passionate about what they do. They make sure you have all the necessary skills that you need for the real world.

Christopher Levesque
Architectural/Civil Engineering Technology
Graduated: August 2009

My experience at P.I.T. was unique. I say this because when I started I was not the typical 19 year-old full-time student. I was a 25 year-old part-time night student, who at any given time was traveling for work. The faculty at P.I.T. was always willing to work through this with me. I showed them hard work and they showed me an understanding for my situation. Teachers like Suzanne Stewart and Gerry Gambs were always there for guidance. With their help and my hard work, I was not only able to succeed in P.I.T., but also in my career in the Civil Engineering field.

Jasmine Hernandez
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Graduated: August 2013

When I graduated from high school, I knew I wanted to major in mechanical engineering but got sidetracked at a four year school where they weren’t really paying attention to me. As a result, my program and my path got off track. I came to P.I.T. to get back on track without having to switch my major and for the opportunities to transfer.

At P.I.T., I liked that I was able to start right away with the core classes in engineering. I was originally interested in biomedical engineering to make prosthetics, but found I preferred the mechanical side of engineering rather than the biological aspect. It’s been a good experience at P.I.T. At my four year school, I was so distracted by all the other classes and activities going on that I wasn’t able to focus on what my major was really about. At P.I.T., I have been able to get a true understanding of my field. The teachers here create an environment that is conducive to asking questions. Each teacher is so passionate about what they teach, they inspire you to learn more. Thanks to P.I.T., I am prepared to return to a four year school and earn my Bachelors Degree. I start full time at Temple University in the fall.

Sikiru Ramoni
Allied Health-Clinical Medical Assistant
Graduated: August 2013

My name is Sikiru Ramoni and I am an Allied Health student at P.I.T. I was introduced to P.I.T. by a friend of mine in 2012. I was told about the Clinical Medical Assistant and Allied Health programs. Although I already knew I wanted to pursue a four year degree in nursing, I wanted to first earn an Associate Degree to be able to go out and work sooner. I chose P.I.T. because of the location as P.I.T. is very close to my house and the tuition is more affordable than at a four year college. I also liked that it is a small college. The class size allows one-on-one interaction between student andinstructor. I have enjoyed my academic career here.

I am from Nigeria where I was a very successful fish breeder. I came to the USA in May 2011 for better a opportunity.When I came to the USA, I decided to pursue educational opportunities right away. I’ve had great teachers here at P.I.T. The instructors are always there to help the students. In fact, if P.I.T. were a four year college, I would stay here. In the Fall 2013, I will be pursuing my BSN at Immaculata University.

Theodora Jean-Pierre
Architecture and Civil Engineering
Graduated: May 2014

My name is Theodora Jean-Pierre and I am studying Architectural/Civil Engineering part time at P.I.T.

I chose P.I.T. because my sister graduated from P.I.T. and she inspired me to take my education seriously. She said P.I.T. provides great support to students. The counselors pay attention to you and help you along the way. P.I.T. offers everything I need, such asscholarships, study groups,tutors, and resources for transferring. Even the environment of the school and the other students provide support. Everyone reaches out to one another to help everyone graduate.

After I gave birth to my daughter, a fellow student sent me an email saying, “I hope you are coming back next semester so we can walk down the graduation aisle together.” It is this type of great motivation that my classmates give me that keeps me going. Being a woman in technology, this school gives me ALL the tools I need to succeed including support, motivation and guidance as well as great Auto CAD and Engineering programs. Now when I graduate, I'll have the confidence and motivation to finish my Bachelor's degree at a four year college.

Wesley O'Loughlin
Business Administration Technology
Graduated: May 2009

The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology was without a doubt the best choice for me. It has helped me find myself as a student and a person. I learned how to become more organized and attentive in the classroom. I also had help from many great faculty and staff members. Without any question, the best faculty/staff member that helped me achieve my goals was Valerie Riccardi. She helped me to stay focused and made herself available to me whenever she was needed. Valerie was hardworking and conscientious about my goals and did a fantastic job as my counselor. She is sincere and definitely someone I could call my friend now, too. I highly recommend Valerie to anyone going to P.I.T. because she is what P.I.T. is really about. They are about caring for your success and Val does just that. Thank you for the best two years of my life academically.I have all of you, especially Valerie, to thank for my success in the classroom.