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Tuition Rates, Fees and Expenses

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Tuition and Fees for Associate Degree and SPP Programs *

  • Tuition is $375 per credit hour plus tech fees.
  • Graduation Fee: $100
  • Certificate Programs: Supplies are included with the tuition.
  • Associate Degree Programs: Book and supplies are not included with the tuition rates.

A full- time student is defined as one who is enrolled in the P.I.T. Degree programs for 12 credits or more per term. Students who register in the Degree Programs for more than 18 credits must have the Dean of Academic Affairs approve the request.

Part-time students are defined as one who enrolls in 11 credits or less in the P.I.T.

Tuition and Fees for the Practical Nursing Program

Full-time tuition is $24,000.00

Tuition listed above includes Books, Fees, and Supplies. Tuition rates are reviewed regularly and may be adjusted on an annual basis, at minimum, by the College`s Board of Trustees.

Additional Fees and Expenses

Assessment of Experiential Learning Fee

College credits may be awarded for courses from non-accredited institutions and/or for experiential learning experiences. See the Admissions Office for assistance with this process. Fees for assessment activities include a $150 portfolio evaluation fee plus $75 per credit hour transferred.

Technology Fee

A Technology Fee is charged per credit hour enrolled to cover the costs of upgrading and maintaining P.I.T.’s state-of-the-art equipment, software, and related technology.

Transcript Fee

There is no charge for the first two P.I.T. transcripts requested by a student. Any additional transcripts are $3 each.

* Additional fees may be charged